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MEET THE DJ's!!!!!!

The Godfather

- Owner and founder of Leafpile Broadcasting Group Inc. He's a good guy all in all and loves to have fun. But beware, he does have his bad side, and thats something you don't want to cross into. He  is of course the host of The Godfathers Bistro heard only on Leafpile Radio. He loves to talk with all the fans and listeners out there. So hit him up on the skype leafpile.radio and shout him your requests, shoutouts, and dedications.


ein Bild

James Musselman

- Big James Musselman, a good friend of mine and a helluva good DJ. He spouts off with the funniest stuff ever and will make you wet yourself laughing. He's not new to Leafpile, so give him a big heads up and say, "WASSUP MUSSELMAN!!!"

CJ & AJ In The Afternoon!

- You will find AJ & CJ Here at 4pm each day on Leafpile Radio. CJ is the big man of the two and will mess with you hard. He likes to go On-Air with The Godfather and do a show once and a while. They talk smack to each other and give each other and the caller a hard time (it's all in good fun.) AJ is the short man, he's kinda doofy and loves to have a good time. Spite his height, he will still mess a person up pretty good with Fists Of Fury!!!

The Jukebox Bar Is BACK!!

- Andrew Sutton returns to Leafpile Radio© with The Jukebox Bar. On the Jukebox Bar you will hear all of your favorites from yesterday and today. Give him a shout sometime on our message boards. We are happy to have him back with us here at Leafpile Radio, so expect the Late Night Bitching Hour to be re-instated.

Nemesis Nexus Host Of HELL HATH NO FURY!

I am a very honest and opinionated individual, I discuss any and all subject matter, NOTHING is sacred and NO ONE is safe or immune/exempt from being talked about (the only real requirement is the subject has to be worthy of my time/energy)!

I am a Goth/Vamp and a Spiritualist of sorts. I am NOT religious but I DO believe in the paranormal. I am nocturnal by nature not by fad or lifestyle, I simply function better in the darkness. If you want to get to know my persona better tune into HELL HATH NO FURY here on LeafPile Radio every Friday 10p-12a

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